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New Version of Rx – Join Support

31 Dec

Looks like the Rx team released a lovely new version of the framework.  Highlights are Join and GroupJoin support and better naming (in my opinion) for the Publish, Prune and Replay operators.

Full release notes


Silverlight and the UI Thread – An Update

5 Dec

So it looks like Silverlight 5 will solve the UI thread issue.  They mention a low-latency networking mode, however, if there weren’t caveats, why do they make it sound like something you have to turn on?  Wouldn’t you always want a low-latency mode?

What is sounds like to me is that this new low-latency mode has some other hidden costs involved.  It will be interesting to see what these are, and what the threading model is for the new stack.  I’m truly hoping it doesn’t mean a single thread for networking and will allow us developers to choose.

New Addition

4 Dec

Welcome to Emma! Our beautiful new baby girl was born this morning after only 3 hours of labour. What a champion I have for a wife!

Looking forward to meeting her properly over the next few days.