Reactive Extension Design Guidelines

28 Oct

The Rx team have released some official guidelines for our consumption.  It is a pretty interesting read and has some good tips.

My favourites:

Consider drawing a Marble-diagram
Draw a marble-diagram of the observable sequence you want to create. By drawing the diagram, you will get a clearer picture on what operator(s) to use.

Subscribe implementations should not throw

As multiple observable sequences are composed, subscribe to a specific observable sequence might not happen at the time the user calls Subscribe (e.g. Within the Concat operator, the second observable sequence argument to Concat will only be subscribed to once the first observable sequence has completed). Throwing an exception would bring down the program. Instead exceptions in subscribe should be tunneled to the OnError method.

Implement new operators by composing existing operators.
Many operations can be composed from existing operators. This will lead to smaller, easier to maintain code. The Rx team has put a lot of effort in dealing with all corner cases in the base operators. By reusing these operators you’ll get all that work for free in your operator.


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