.NET Package Management Tools – A thought

18 Oct

I was chatting with Mark Rendle on Twitter this evening about the emergence of some pretty neat package management tools for .NET devs.

My main gist was that I don’t see why there is such a clamouring for these tools.  At the risk of sounding like a 97 1/2 year old developer, I’ve not seen much need for a hard-core package management app.  In the current project that I am involved in, we have aournd 24 assemblies, with probably a total of 20-25 dependencies on external DLLs (RhinoMocks, PRISM, Rx etc.)

At no point do we feel overwhelmed with the number, or the requirement for keeping these up to date.  Our primary concern is the app itself and the intricacies in getting Fx prices onto a screen where a trader can place his/her trades.

While I do see the ability to retrieve and update packages in the Ruby  gem way, I don’t see an uptake that the propaganda seems to be promising.  What we do need however, is the take-up where a software process includes this as a “standard” like source control instead of something that we could have.

I guess in my old age, I’d like to see the feedback loop kick off a little more before I zimmer my way down that road.


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